This picture of Lionel Messi Broken the All Records on Internet

There is always a war going on between the two superstars of the football world, Leon Messi of Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. Both are trying to prove themselves better than each other on the field, while their fans keep trying to push their stars ahead of the tremendous sport. Now Messi’s fans have left Ronaldo behind once again. The Argentine captain’s victory in the Copa America final put him ahead of the Portuguese stalwart.

Whenever superstar striker Leon Messi hits the football field, his name gets recorded in the record books for some reason or the other. Recently he registered another achievement by winning the Copa America Cup title for Argentina. A week after this victory, Messi broke another record. He surpassed Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo in the internet media.

Messi posted a picture with the trophy on his Instagram account after winning the Copa America Cup title, which became the most favorite picture related to the game on the platform. This picture of Messi has got two crore likes. Earlier this achievement was in the name of Ronaldo. He made a post on Instagram to pay tribute to the death of Argentine legend Diego Maradona in November last year. It was liked by 1.9 crore people.

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