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Belgium Beat India 5-2 in Hockey Semifinal

Hockey India Tokyo

The Indian men’s hockey team, showing a great performance in the Tokyo Olympics, lost 2-5 to Belgium in the semi-final match today. The Indian team was expected to reach the final here but in the last 11 minutes of the match, he scored 3 goals and then could not find a chance to return. Belgium surrounded India under pressure in the last quarter of the match. He increased his attack on the Indian goal post one after the other.

As soon as he managed to score the third goal in the 49th minute of the match, from here he completely changed the course of the match. In an attempt to save a penalty corner, the Indian defense made a mistake and here Belgium got a penalty stroke, on which the hero of the match Aleksandra Hendrix scored a fine goal to give his team a two-goal lead.

In the final moments of the match, India tried their best to attack with their 11th player on the field by removing their goalkeeper. But Belgium, who took a 4-2 lead, was no longer allowing the Indian team to enter their circle at all. Meanwhile, in the last minute of the match, he increased his lead by scoring the 5th goal on the counter attack.

Team India reached the semi-finals of the Olympics after 49 years (1972 Olympics). However, the hope of a medal from the Indian men’s team in the Tokyo Olympics is not over yet. The Indian team will now face the losing team in the second semi-final between Australia and Germany for the bronze medal.

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